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Re: Installing debian from floppies.

In article <Pine.BSF.3.91.951024195219.14253E-100000@digital.netvoyage.net> you wrote:

:   I just installed debian R6 last weekend. It seems to me that debian 
: base disks either don't have the lilo package or the installation doesn't 
: setup lilo automatically. Is it possible to add lilo setup during the 
: installation or someone correct me if I am wrong.

Actually, I thought it was really cool that the base installation didn't try
to muck with lilo, but left me with a floppy from which I could boot the 

The lilo package is one of the ones I installed pretty quickly after getting
the base system running, but there are enough perils for folks who are 
trying to run multiple operating systems that I applaud the complexity 
management represented by choosing not to do lilo in the base installation.


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