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convert dynamic binary --> static binary possible?

   I downloaded libc-4.7.5.bin.tar.gz from tsx-11, just to see if as I
had been told that would allow me to run Nestape 2.0b1:

        libc.so.4 => libc.so.4.7.5[tofu]
        libcurses.so.0 => libcurses.so.0.1.2[tofu]
        libm.so.4 => libm.so.4.6.27[tofu]

   Indeed, Netscape 2.0b1 appears to work OK with these libraries, but
I feel very uncomfortable about having them as permament residents
because for all I know they will screw up something else.

   Is there any way I can use these three files on a one-time-only
basis, just to convert the (dynamically-linked) Netscape 2.0b1 binary
into a static binary, after which I could dispense with them?


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