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Base package installation problems cont...

>dwarf@symnet.net said:
>> I installed the image package 
>Huh? /sbin/unconfigured.sh was installed by the _Base_ package, not _image_.

Exactly! I installed base at the same time.

>If it says PPP is not available, use "lsmod" to make sure you have loaded
>the "ppp", "slip", and "slhc" modules. I think you'll need all three. You
>can voyage into /lib/modules/1.2.13 and load them manually with "insmod" if
>nothing else works.

Well, according to lsmod and /proc/modules:

dummy              1
ppp                5
slhc               2	[ppp]
lp                 2
nfs               11
msdos              6
isofs              5

Yet, when I execute pppd I get the message:

PPP not available on this system.

I have the feeling that the reconfiguration that I was able to do with the
boot/root pair was incomplete. Is there a description for manually
configuring the system, so I can go through and check all the relevant
config files and get them correct?

>Once Ian uploads the new root disk and moves my new base and boot disks to
>the visible area this snafu should improve for new installs.

Is there some way to configure the system without having to resort to the
boot/root disks to do so?

Thanks, Dale

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