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Re: deb modules

On Sat, 28 Oct 1995, Rick Stiphout wrote:

> 1.  I am compiling 1.3.32, since it works well with my aha2940 SCSI.  If 
> I want ppp, cslip, slip, etc... and I want to use dip, do I say 'NO' to 
> the question on modules in the make config?  Do I then say 'NO' when I am 
> asked about including ppp, slip, etc...?
You should answer Yes to the 'CONFIG_MODVERSIONS' question and NO to the 
question whether to include ppp, slip, ...

You then need to put ppp, slip, etc in /etc/modules as
single line
> 2.  Do I then rerun lilo, and reboot the new kernel?

> 3.  Do I then do a make modules, and make modules_install?
No, you need to do this BEFORE you reboot with the new kernel.


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