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Re: Installation Assistance Needed

On Fri, 27 Oct 1995, Rod Troch N2ZVV wrote:

> Greetings,
> ...... intro .....
> What I am asking is, what do I ftp?  The 'binary' directory, or
> the 'ms-dos' directory?  What is a *.deb file as compared to just
> a *.gz file?  Some of those ms-dos directories are well over 1.44Mb,
> is it acceptable to put break up the directory across multiple
> floppies?  Do I even want the 'ms-dos' stuff?  Etc.
I've only been with the group for a few months myself Rod. At this point 
I can truely say that this is a great bunch. You will definately gain by 
association with this group and, of course, Debian.

To answer your question if you have a working Linux platform you can FTP 
to, you will want to download the packages in binary. If you are FTPing 
from DOS/Windblows, you will probably still want to get the binary stuff. 
You will have to manage the file mangling yourself, but whatever unique 
file nameing convention you adopt for the 8.3 char dos filenames will not 
effect dpkg as it looks inside the files to decide what they are.
To be honest, I have no idea what is in the ms-dos directories that would 
be of any interest, other than the dos utilities like gz and rawrite. (I 
think they are there) The last time I looked in ms-dos it didn't look 
like the same packages as were in binary.

I am sure you will get other responses to your question, and if I am 
wrong someone will be sure to point that out too :-) So, welcome to the 
group and Debian. I'm sure you will like both.

Your Humble Servant,


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