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Re: CD-ROM problems and "mount" error message problem

On the 1.3.30 boot disk, which is an MSDOS filesystem, you should fine a
file called "modules.tgz". If
you extract that from / with "tar xvzlf /mnt/modules.tgz", it will create
/lib/modules/1.3.30/* . I think /lib/modules/1.3.30/fs/iso9660.o will then
exist. You can load this into the kernel with "insmod" after you boot the
1.3.30 disk, and then will be
able to mount ISO disks.

Ian and I are working on a new boot disk set that will make this easier to
do. I apologize that you have to thrash around a bit to get it set up at


	Bruce Perens

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