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lpt woes

This system has a problem with the parallel port under debian; can anyone 
help?  When booting after a unix session, the cmos report shows 
"parallel: none".  If I go in under dos after a unix session, indeed the 
printer fails.  If during that session I run norton's diagnostic program 
and test the lpt port, it finds nothing wrong -- except that next time 
the cmos report shows "parallel: 378".  The (distributed) debian kernel 
appears to reset to no parallel device.

Any ideas?  I've tryed with lpt.o both in and out of modules, to no avail.
Who is writing to cmos?


Robert Weaver                         office: 510-631-4416
Department of Mathematical Sciences     home: 510-595-9451
St. Mary's College of California         fax: 510-376-4027
Moraga, CA 94575

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