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*Please* release R6.

I've been using debian for a long time and I tell everyone I can about
it.  I've installed the curent release on several machines and I'm very
happy with it. 

The constant delays in releasing the thing have to stop.  
I know that Ian M. had hard drive problems.  That's unfortunate, and
certainly cause for some difficulty in getting the release out the door. 

However, the Debian project did post to a double handful of newsgroups
and mailing lists a ``press release'' which firmly announced a release
date.  Doesn't that mean anything to anyone?  I think it's a little 
shameful to make an announcement like that in public and then, almost
a month after the announced date, still not to have even acknowledged 
publically that the date has come and gone.  

At some point you have to just say ``that's it, warts and all.''  Please 
make it soon.

Bill Gribble

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