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Re: inverse of `adduser'? (fwd)

>   Now I have a new user named `--version' that I would like to delete only
> I can't seem to find a command that undoes what `adduser' does. 
>   What is the best way to deal with this kind of situation?

	Hmmm... Being (semi) new to Unix, here's the best solution I can
think of.  Check out '/etc/passwd'.  If there is a reference to a user of
name --version, delete that line.  Do the same for '/etc/group'.  Finally, in
your /home directory, remove the '--version' directory.  For rm, you might
have to do something like
	rm -rf ./--version
so it doesn't think you're trying to pass --version as an argument rather than
a file name.  

Well, I think that's the easiest way to eradicate a user.  Perhaps a deluser
program would be useful :).

				- John Larkin	
				- jlarkin@hmc.edu
				- <A HREF=http://aij.st.hmc.edu/~jlarkin></A>

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