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Re: TeX capabilities of debian

On Sat, 28 Oct 1995, Charles Blair wrote:
>    (3) The non-X alternative for viewing dvi files seems to involve
> ghostscript.  I am presently not using postscript fonts, and this seems
> to introduce a significant extra level of complexity.  The Packages-master
> file says ghostscript depends on xR6shlib, and I could not find an
> entry for this.

I seem to remember seeing an announcement for a svgalib dvi file 
viewere on c.o.l.a or maybe CTAN-ANN.

It is not currently debianised.  If you decided to "go debian", and you
have the wherewithal, you could begin maintaining this package for the

>    (4) My machine is not directly connected to a printer.  With emtex,
> there is a specific command (dvihplj) which converts the dvi file to
> another file.  I then copy this file to a floppy, take it to a DOS
> machine which is connected to a printer, and copy the file to
> a printer with the /b switch.  Could I do something similar with debian TeX?

Piece of cake.  The package dviljk.  Doesn't need ps/gs, looks especially
beautiful on an lj4, prints to a file by default.

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