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Re: image-1.2.3-4.deb

>dwarf@symnet.net said:
>> I installed the image package 
>> for the 1.2.13 R4 kernel, did the rdev setup on vmlinuz and copied 
>> the new one to my dos partition. When I rebooted I was told that I
>> was trying to boot an unconfigured system, and that I should configure
>> it from the boot/root disks.
>Huh? /sbin/unconfigured.sh was installed by the _Base_ package, not _image_.
>I think something else must have happened - did you perchance boot up a 
>different disk partition than the one you were using before?
That explains it! I got started on this round robin when I went to look at
dselect to see what it had to offer. (Up to this point I have been using
only dpkg) The first thing that I noticed was that the base package was not
installed? Sure enough, when I looked with dpkg it agreed. When I went to
get the latest version of the base package from ftp (for some reason I had
no version of this package?) I noticed that I was behind on several other
base packages, among them image and ld.so. I naturaly downloaded everything
I didn't have and installed every package that was more recent (BTW ae
installs properly now). After installing the new kernel I rebooted (base had
been installed during the same cycle.) and here I am!

A. I suspect that I really had a base package installed at one time, but
upgrades to dpkg at one point lost the installation database and therefore
had no knowledge of the package. Is there a way to patch the installation
database to indicate that a package has been installed? (I know it's too
late now, this is just for future problems. Ok, I'm an optimist. I'm
positive something else will go wrong!) 

>If it says PPP is not available, use "lsmod" to make sure you have loaded
>the "ppp", "slip", and "slhc" modules. I think you'll need all three. You
>can voyage into /lib/modules/1.2.13 and load them manually with "insmod" if
>nothing else works.
>Once Ian uploads the new root disk and moves my new base and boot disks to
>the visible area this snafu should improve for new installs.

When is the software on the ftp site going to stop changing? I know that
even after a release changes continue to be made, but shouldn't they go in
the directories for the next rev? Every time I think that I have caught up
with the current base installation and can move on to the wider world, I
find something has changes again!
My major appreciation of Debian has been that you get things right. My
concern is that in your mad dash to get it right, you may leave the rest of
us in the dust...

On a different note: I have noticed that pppd is refered to as "Dynamic"
PPP. Is it possible that this is the reason that I am having trouble getting
pppd to negotiate a "Fixed" IP address with my provider?

You guys are the greatest!
Thanks for all the help, Dale

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