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Re: NFS install? (and other install problems)

alegre@mars.superlink.net writes ("Re: NFS install? (and other install problems)"):
> [...]
> 	4) I got a seg fault while selecting packages. What I did is: I
> installed a few packages. Then I selected a few more and installed. Then 
> I selcted a few more again and dselect crashed.

I think this is probably because the base disks have an old version of
dselect.  The latest is 1.0.3.  However, you should have got a
coredump as well as the segfault.  Could you please mail me here a
copy of the coredump ?  Then I can check to see what the problem is.

> 	5) dselct is nice in a color monitor. However, in an LCD it is 
> just plain awful. Too may characters filling the screen with no clear 
> boundaries.

dselect uses different highlighting &c when run on a mono display; I
actually do most of the development in mono xterms.

However, I suspect that your notebook was still using a TERM variable
of `linux' on the console, and `linux' is supposed to support colour.

There should be
(a) a TERM setting that's like `linux' but mono.
(a) some way to tell the installation program that your console is
    mono, and have it arrange to have TERM set appropriately.

In the meantime, try setting TERM to `vt100'.  This will probably give
reasonable results.

> 	7) My friend was disappointed that X by default came with twm as 
> window manager and no menu for even opening an xterm. That's no good for 
> a dumb user.

This is true.  Would it make sense to make fvwm the default ?  fvwm is
much nicer for new users (though personally I prefer twm), and it
doesn't have the problem that producing a nice useful configuration
makes things non-standard.


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