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(fwd) shadow-3.3.2 (fwd)

Seen in c.o.l.a


This is the Shadow Password Suite version 3.3.2 source, received by me
directly from the author (originally as 12 shar files - converted to
.tar.gz by me).[...]

The author asked me to put the following notice in the README.FIRST file
distributed with this package:

This is the begining of a project to put the Shadow Password Suite for
Linux under the BSD copyright.  The purpose of this project is to create a
release of the Shadow Password Suite which has been targetted specifically
for the Linux operating system and which has a copyright suitable for
inclusion in all releases of that operating system, whether distributed by
"free" means or "commercial" ones.


I have the entire post if anyone is interested.

"I'm a dinosaur.  Somebody's digging my bones."

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