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smail confusion

Ack, I have been at this an hour, and I have come to the conclusion
that I am missing something -- probably something completely obvious.

Ok, the situation is as follows.

	I have a new nameserver set up at
	This nameserver has an "MX" record for our domain
	This nameserver has "A" records for _all_ hosts
	Using the new nameserver:
	 I can nslookup any short hostname, fqdn, or MX record.
	 I can telnet to any host, using the short hostname or fqdn.
	 I can mail to any fqdn or MX alias.
=======> I _can't_ *mail* to any short hostname except the localhost's
	  (it says "host unknown" when I do a "smail -bt" test)

Can somebody help me figure out what it is trying to do?  Smail seems
to be failing to figure out that it needs to tack on .simons-rock.edu
to the name.  As I said above, I can nslookup short hostnames and fqdn
just fine (e.g. plato and plato.simons-rock.edu).

My DNS records are set up in the following format :
; MX Mail routing ("A" records are for broken mailers which require IPs.)
simons-rock.edu.                IN MX 0         plato.simons-rock.edu.
simons-rock.edu.                IN A  
abel.simons-rock.edu.           IN MX 0	        plato.simons-rock.edu. 

; Networking Office                                             1 - 30
plato.simons-rock.edu.          IN A  
www.simons-rock.edu.            IN CNAME        plato.simons-rock.edu.
gopher.simons-rock.edu.         IN CNAME        plato.simons-rock.edu.

My /etc/resolv.conf:
domain simons-rock.edu
search simons-rock.edu

My relevant /etc/smail/transports entry:
smtp:   driver=tcpsmtp, max_addrs=100, -max_chars, inet;
        use_bind, defer_no_connect, -local_mx_okay, defnames

My /etc/smail/routers:
        driver=gethostbyaddr, transport=smtp;
        check_for_local, fail_if_error

        driver=bind, transport=smtp;
        defer_no_connect, -local_mx_okay, defnames,

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