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Installation problems

 I am an experienced MCC and Slackware installer and user (3-4 years
experience.. I was there when you couldn't even subnet), but on
my latest installation I thought I would aim for debian (I liked your
approach to bug fixes and updates). However, I am considering giving up...

I cannot seem to get any networking running. I have installed debian
from 0.93r6, and obtained netbase and netstd (1.17-1). My setup is
a 3c501 card (I know, but its all I have spare at the moment). Now,
I have configured my system the best I know how, but I cannot even get the
loopback working. Yes, I have the 501 module loaded...

When I ping loopback, it hangs up. ifconfig shows packets transmitted but
never received. If I use the ethernet, ping segmentation-faults with a
stack dump. dmesg shows this dump to be caused by a null dereference from
C0000..0 (I cannot remember how many zeros there were).

I would almost say that tcpip was not compiled into the kernel, but I cannot
believe that it the problem... Last time I installed a system modules were
just coming on-stream. What is the HWaddr field for in ifconfig? Should it
be full of 00.00.00...C0..00.00.00? There is a field before this, which
suggests that I haven't configured something. The loopback seems to be
configured OK though.

I would be grateful for any assistance, rather than being forced into another
distribution (RedHat?). 

Thanks in advance,

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