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Re: dpkg Selective Install

On Thu, 5 Oct 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:


> from being installed.  What I plan to do is to have dpkg read a
> usually-nonexistent conffile in /etc and use wildcard patterns from
> it.  This would be documented in the manual, with warnings telling you


> to NFS-mount /usr from another machine.
> It's possible that this feature could be used to support CDROM
> live-filesystem installations, but in that case it will all be managed

I hope that the confile in /etc will allow people to select a different 
set of wildcards for each package. That is important because many people 
would want to install only docs for user-unfriendly packages or to 
NFS-mount not the whole /usr but only selected (big) packages. A 
non-discriminating confile would be almost useless.

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