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Re: Newbie questions about installing and documentation

On Sun, 1 Oct 1995, Richard Kettlewell wrote:

 [ snip ]
> (I may be slandering Slackware here, as I have no experience of
> installing or administering it other than over other people's
> shoulders.  But I've never had the kind of problem described above
> with Debian.)
Nope, that's all correct.  Upgrading Slackware installation is a real pain
( actually, I wanted to upgrade my Slackware, thought about it, and 
  installed Debian ).  I think they've come up with howto-upgrade-your-
Slackware.  Have a look at Slackware mirrors, if you're interested.

To keep universal balance of things, Slackware has more packages
( I guess because Patrick includes non-GPL-copyrighted software in
  the distribution ) and there's an ELF distribution of Slackware.


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