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re:post-release package update policy

>Some suggest that it would be best to leave debian-0.93 alone after
>the release, and that instead of moving new and updated packages into
>debian-0.93, we should put them in a different (but easily-accessible)
>tree, such as debian-updates-0.93.  The advantage of this approach is
>that it gives users access to both the "released" and completely up to
>date distributions.  The disadvantage is that users would have to make
>a decision as to which of them to install.

I think this is the basically best option.  If it's a continuous
release, why bother to call it "0.93" at all?

I'd suggest creating a "debian-latest" directory.  If the latest is the
same as the previous release, then just create a symlink to the one in
the release directory.  If there is a newer version, place the new package
in the "latest" directory.

The advantage I see to this is that users need only look in one directory
tree to find either the released or the latest version.  Having an
"updates" directory would require users looking for the latest to peruse
two directory trees; a state that would also cause problems with 'dftp'.

                                 ( bcwhite@bnr.ca )

    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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