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Re: post-release package update policy

Hallo Ian Murdock!

}What should our policy be with regard to adding, replacing, and
}updating packages under the debian-0.93 tree after the release?

}Some suggest that it would be best to leave debian-0.93 alone after
}the release, and that instead of moving new and updated packages into
}debian-0.93, we should put them in a different (but easily-accessible)
}tree, such as debian-updates-0.93.  The advantage of this approach is
}that it gives users access to both the "released" and completely up to
}date distributions.  The disadvantage is that users would have to make
}a decision as to which of them to install.

We should go this way.

}Others suggest that we should keep doing what we're doing now--that
}is, as packages are released, we should move them into debian-0.93.
}The advantage of this approach is that users are guaranteed to have
}all fixed and updated packages at the time they download the
}distribution.  The disadvantage is that a release of Debian GNU/Linux
}becomes a constantly moving and shifting target instead of something
}tangible.  Alot of people complain that this is a major problem with
}how we make releases.

Yes, and therefore I beg you. Please don't keep on with that!

If there is no stable release - a release that changes every day is
not stable from users view - debian won't be used the way it would be
otherwise. What users see is that there a new packages every day, and
if they can't afford to get everyone they won't use Debian. (I know
several of these, who would use debian if there would be an untouched

If we don't get an untouched release then we will catch the Slackware
syndrom, that is there are many different releases of 0.93R6 and if
something's wrong one only can say on my release from xx.yy.zz
everything's fine. :-(

I recommend the following:

  a) release 0.93R6 and leave the release untouched (except for real
     security fixes)

  b) start another tree /debian/development (or /debian/debian-actual)
     where _all_ actual packages go. This directory could be used like
     the actual debian dir. So users who do want really actual
     versions of all packets could install this instead.

  c) start another tree /debian/debian-0.93R6-updates where important
     updates are stored.



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