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re:post-release package update policy

I just wanted to correct some miscommunications I have obviously made.

>>Considering the above, IMHO the only people served by a fixed release are
>>CD vendors.

By this statement I was not trying to imply that there shouldn't be a fixed
distribution of debian.  (see below)

>Well, I'm not a CD vendor and I would benifit! I think, from the other
>comments on this topic that I am not alone.

Evidently I didn't make myself clear (which is evident in the number of
replies to my post).  And as you say, you certainly don't seem to be alone
in your opinion.

My point was that a fixed release would make a stable CD possible which
would then mean that people who would want to buy the CD would get a good

I must admit that in making this statement I was not considering people
that have a really slow or delayed net connection (like uucp, or fsp).  In
that case they would also clearly benefit from a periodically fixed

>From my point of view having a "static" release available on ftp.debian.org
>would be detrimental to the CD vendor as I would not have to buy the CD if I
>could FTP it.

I disagree.  A lot of people buy different Slackware CD's even though the
exact same distribution is available via ftp.  It all comes down to how
easy it is/how much it costs for them to dload the distribution (In my case
dloading is very easy and practically free).  As you imply, whether or not
someone buys the CD depends how long it takes them to ftp the distribution,
and how much their time is worth to them.  (Of course it also depends on
whether they have net access or not.  8) )

>My one final plea, is as one of the outsiders knocking on the door. I ask
>that you not leave us out here in the cold. Please let us in.

I hope you're not thinking that I'm trying to keep you from easily getting
debian, because I'm not.  I was just trying to voice my opinion, which was
simply that the current system works for me.  Periodically freezing the
distribution or even giving a version number for the current debian system
doesn't do anything for me.  However, it doesn't impede me either.

I hope that whatever is ultimately decided makes it easier for you to get
debian, because as far as I'm concerned the more people that use debian the

Debian is truly the easiest/best distribution I've ever used.


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