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Re: Mirroring ftp.debian.org

On Mon, 2 Oct 1995, Marcelo Magallon wrote:

> We (a bunch of guys @ Physics' Department - University of Costa Rica) are
> trying to mirror ftp.debian.org, in order to provide a local (Central
> America mostly) mirror for debian. We are using the Perl-based Mirror
> program by Lee McLoughlin <lmjm@doc.ic.ac.uk>, version 2.3. This is the
> first mirror we are trying to run, and we are having some trouble with it.
> We've tested it using local (small) ftp servers, and everything seems to
> be OK, but when try to mirror ftp.debian.org, it's seems like the script
> can't handle it, because it runs out of memory (or at least Perl says so),
> and it quits, leaving the mirror unfinished. When we restart the script it
> "gets confused" and retrieves files already retrieved (actually, SOME of
> the files have changed, but not ALL of them). Bottom line is we haven't
> been able to mirror debian beyond the first 30-40 MB. 
> We are running Perl 4.0PL36, the one which comes with Slackware 2.0.0,
> which in turn is going to be dumped in favor of Debian 0.93R6. 
> Any ideas on this subject? Any mirror site`s manager listening? Help... 
> please. (My apologies is this is way off-topic)
> TIA,

How much ram and swap do you have in the machine.

Before you run the "mirror" program I would say get yourself around the 
50meg of swap and 16meg of ram at minimum.

I just hashed the ftp.debian.org into ram and it lookes like about the 
80meg of virtual ram range.

I would suggest that at a minimum a 32meg ram machine and 80meg swap or 
better to do the whole mirror at one time. I would also suggest that you 
break up the mirror into subdirectories of the main archive so that you 
can get smaller chunks of the whole thing. You may find this useful 
anyway since the link from us to you is very instable anyway.

Just a few ideas / chatter

Matthew S. Bailey

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