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Re: xdvi question

Isn't xdvi able to substitute PK fonts for PS fonts?  It's set up that
way on my Slackware system at home.  There's a command line option
-altfont fontname that can specify a substitute font.  Or an
Xresource, .altfont.  Apparently this assumption is built into my
version of xdvi.

>>>>> On Tue, 31 Oct 1995 01:41:11 -0500, Matthew Swift <swift@bu.edu> said:

    Matthew> [Weiping's problem with xdvi is quoted below]

    Matthew> You are trying to use PostScript Times-Roman fonts, and you do not
    Matthew> have the appropriate .pfa or .pfb files on your machine.  These are
    Matthew> proprietary fonts, you have to buy them.  There is nothing wrong with
    Matthew> the dvi file, but xdvi does not have available the PostScript fonts
    Matthew> that the dvi file calls for.  If you print the file on a PostScript
    Matthew> printer (or with ghostscript), it will work fine.  The only free Adobe
    Matthew> fonts are courier and utopia.

    Matthew> You could get a close imitation in xdvi if Debian TeX were set up to
    Matthew> use gsftopk instead of or as well as the program ps2pk.  This program
    Matthew> uses ghostscript's pseudo-PostScript fonts to generate the pk fonts
    Matthew> that xdvi needs to render.

    Matthew> In my non-existent spare time, I was going to set Debian's MakeTeXPK
    Matthew> up to try ps2pk and then if that fails, gsftopk.  But maybe someone
    Matthew> will beat me to it, it's not that hard.

    Matthew> Also, MakeTeXPK should fail more gracefully when this error occurs --
    Matthew> the $SRC shell variable can be checked for emptiness.  The error
    Matthew> Weiping got is completely meaningless unless you know quite a lot
    Matthew> about how kpathsea and LaTeX and Xdvi are all working together.

    Matthew> I'm cc:ing this to the original author of MakeTeXPK and the Debian
    Matthew> maintainer.

    Matthew> Regards,
    Matthew>     Matt

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