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Re: Installation Assistance Needed

> To be honest, I have no idea what is in the ms-dos directories that would 
> be of any interest, other than the dos utilities like gz and rawrite. (I 
> think they are there) The last time I looked in ms-dos it didn't look 
> like the same packages as were in binary.
> Dale

	The stuff in the ms-dos directories are symlinks to the files in
the binary directories, but they have the dos 8+3 file-names.  All of the
'file mangling' is handled for dos users.  gz and rawrite are in the
tools directory.

You can check out my mirror of ftp.debian.org at aij.st.hmc.edu in the
directory /pub/debian/.  It's in southern California, and (usually) has
little or no load (ie, you'll be the only one ftp-ing files).

				- John Larkin	
				- jlarkin@hmc.edu
		- <A HREF=http://aij.st.hmc.edu/~jlarkin>My home page.</A>

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