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Re: ppp: invocation by users? and pppd dies - reports SIGHUP - why?

Philip Tuckey writes:

>I am using the latest version of ppp (2.2) and the 1.2.13 kernel that
>includes support for it. I use pppd (and chat) to connect to a
>provider via my modem and the telephone line. This seems to work fine
>in that it sets up the IP connection correctly; I can ping, telnet,
>rlogin, ftp, ...  - made me very happy. My problem is that after a
>few minutes of "inactivity" on the IP link, pppd dies. (I don't
>understand IP well enough to claim the link is really inactive. What
>I mean is that I am not running ping, rlogin, ftp, ... Also, on one
>occasion I had an rlogin going but I wasn't doing anything on it.)
>/var/log/daemon.log shows a report from pppd that it is terminating
>because of SIGHUP. I personally didn't send pppd a SIGHUP. (As far as
>I know!)

PPP servers (i.e. the program at the far end of the phone line) often
time out after a period of inactivity.  This saves money if someone
has forgotten that they're dialled up (and are paying for the call),
makes it harder to hog modems, etc.

The effect the remote end closing the connection is that your pppd
gets a SIGHUP, which it correctly interprets as meaning the connection
has gone away.


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