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Re: Symbolic Link Error

"LC" == Lucien Coste <lucien@gyptis.univ-mrs.fr> writes:

  LC> Rod Cole writes:

  >> ... error messages saying "Too Many Symbolic Links
  >> Encountered." ...

  LC> I think this is a case of circular list of symbolic links.
  LC> You can check with "pathchk".

  LC> L. Coste	lucien@cmi.univ-mrs.fr

   Thank you for this information, Lucien.

   Again I find myself facing the question: Given the name of a piece
of the Debian distribution, how do I find the Debian package it came

  In this case, I see

# zgrep -i pathchk Contents.gz
/usr/bin/pathchk                  /debian.org/ftp/debian/debian
/usr/man/man1/pathchk.1           /debian.org/ftp/debian/debian
# zgrep -i pathchk Packages.gz

   Why do all the lines in Contents.gz end in

   Why not use that space to convey needed information?



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