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Re: 0.93R6 Boot Disk U34F Loop

On Tue, 24 Oct 1995 07:52:11 -0400 (EDT) dlc wrote:

>My office mate tried the new 0.93R6 boot disk on his Gateway 2000
>without success.  After complaining about the lack of a PCI bus,
>it went into some kind of repetitive sequence complaining about
>aborting I/Os out of the U34F driver.  The messages scroll by
>too quickly to glean much more info than this.  He is using SCSI
>disks under MS-DOS without any problems.  Any ideas on how to
>figure out what's going wrong?

I am still a complete novice at Linux, but from the error message above 
I do recognize that the system is using an Ultrastor 34F FAST SCSI II
disk controller. This is the same controller I am using with a great deal
of success. I am using the standard Debian Kernel 1.2.13-4 on a homebuilt

Perhaps someone else will recognize the meaning of the error.

Rod Cole

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