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Re: New base package...

> Is syslinux-1.20-0.deb going to do something for me? 

It lets you create boot diskettes like the installation boot disk.
I'm hoping that the next installation root disk will create that kind
of boot diskette rather than the one it makes now, which doesn't understand
the boot command line. The disks use MSDOS filesystems. They can display
up to 10 pages of help and boot a Linux kernel from an MSDOS file.

> Should I insall it?
You probably won't need it, unless you are having booting problems or want
to help develop the installation disks (and we could sure use some people
willing to do _that_).

> I assume that ld.so might also be a useful upgrade as it's version number 
> has gone up. (not just it's release number)

I think so, but can't tell you what the exact changes are. Check out the
debian-changes WWW archive, you'll probably find the information there.

> Can I assume that packages with only a higher release number (no change 
> in version) are not going to gain me anything if I already have them 
> installed and working?

Well, as you've already seen, they'll sometimes get you in trouble.
The safest way to go is to wait for a release and upgrade a whole bunch
of packages at once. On the other hand, you've been a very effective
guinea pig. We need people like you who install stuff right on the
bleeding edge and tell us what hardships it causes them, otherwise we'd
never have a safe system for those meeker souls who wait for a release.

So, I guess it comes down to whether you feel like a pioneer or not.



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