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Re: Can I mount -t nfs to the Debian archive?


Can you tell me how to do ftp install in detail.  How do I select the 
files that I want, I want to install all the softwares, like Slackware 
has.  Can I be able to use PPP connection to my ISP after I install the 
base system?  When I do ftp, where should I put the Debian packages in my 
Linux box? 

Another question about partition the hard drive before install Debian.  I 
have two hard drive, they are 300M and 500M.  I am going to create 16M 
for swap. I am going to take a deep breath and not install DOS anymore.  
I am going to install most of the Debian packages.  I am going to set up 
UUCP, and set aside about 200M for news.  So anybody could suggest how I 
should partition my hard drive and set up the file systems such as / 
/root /usr ?  Regards.


On Fri, 20 Oct 1995, Matthew Bailey wrote:

> (Time for an ftp install maybe?)
> Matt

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