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Re: Please remove obsolete dosemu

In article <Pine.SGI.3.91.951022121825.18559D-100000@mars.superlink.net> you wrote:

: Please remove the obsolete dosemu-0.52 package locate in the contrib 
: directory. It makes the system crash badly. 

I'm not the right person to help with that, but I thought I'd comment that I
have dosemu-0.60.3 running on a machine that is current as of about 72 hours
ago.  Both on a virtual console and in an X window.  

The only "trick" is to not run 'Configure', but rather to pull the config
file that is in examples/config.dist and copy it to /etc/dosemu.conf, and edit
it to uncomment the drive c: line for the hdimage file.  Other than that, I
just followed the instructions in the QuickStart document provided with the
sources, and it just seems to work... though I haven't thrashed it really hard


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