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Re: Fixes for libc or xntp?

William S. Gribble writes:
> xntp doesn't work currently -- it seg faults right after starting 
> up.  A message on the list last week suggested that the problem was 
> a known bug in libc, and that there was both a patch for libc to 
> fix things The Right Way and also a patch to xntp to hack around 
> the bug.  
> Are either one of these fixes working their way into the Debian libc
> or xntp?  Without *some* kind of fix, xntp is useless, and I'd like 
> to be able to use it.

When I have the time and there is a new version of xntp which fixes
the problem I'll package it. Until then you have two options.

Don't use xntp


Use a 1.2.x kernel.


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