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Re: Installation problems

I haven't seen that particular kernel fault happen before during a Debian
installation. I suggest that you first re-download and re-write the "boot"
and "root" floppies (the 3 base floppies are checksum-protected and will tell
you if they have a problem). Incorrectly-written floppies seem to be a big
problem. We also had a user who downloaded the floppies using "lynx" instead
of FTP and they came out the wrong size.

Also, is there any questionable memory in your system? I'm just attempting
to "shotgun" the problem here.

If the problem persists, look in
ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/debian-0.93/disks/alt for the 1.3.30 boot disk
(I assume you are using the 1.2.13 boot disk). A different kernel might
not exercise this problem.



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