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Help with a PS/2 installation (.91 Beta)

I am trying to install Linux on a PS/2 model 70
with a Token ring card.

I have found a Debian .91 Beta release (patched) that will 
reconize the PS/2's ESDI drive.  However, I cannot
get any of the packages found on ftp.debian.org
to install.  

When I do dpkg --add includes-1.2.13-5 for example, I

dpkg: there is no description for the package includes-1.2.13-5
Approximate uncompressed size: bytes.

Installing includes-1.2.13-5...done.
dpkg: includes-1.2.13-5 is not an installed package.

I believe that my old dpkg and lack of a dselect program is
causing the packages not to load (I really need g++ installed).

Can I ftp a new version of dpkg and/or dselect?

I tried compling the source of dpkg-1.0.5.tar.gz on
another 386 running g++ 2.4 libc.so 4.5.26 and Linux 1.1.54 but
I got complier errors.

NOTE- I could not get the new version of Debian to install.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.  This
is probably the only hope that I have of getting Linux
installed on my PS/2.

   Jeffrey Savoy
   UW-Madison Wisconsin

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