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Re: MidNight Commander anyone?

Dale Scheetz (dwarf@symnet.net) wrote:

> Don't get me wrong, I have loved Norton Commmander in the DOS world for
> almost 20 years. When I came to Linux, I found MC almost right away and have
> used it with success. However, each time that I have installed it, I have
> had to run around setting up permissions in order to get it to work, or
> search for the right version of ncurses, or some other makefile problems
> that have kept things from building properly.

Well, the Midnight Commander in the past allowed you to compile it
with about any version of ncurses you could find.  The only problem
was that with some older versions of ncurses the display would look

The latest version 3.0 has switched away from ncurses to the S-Lang
library (the one used by dosemu, the Jed editor, slrn, and other fine
tools written by John Davis).  We did that just because getting a bug
free ncurses was difficult.  Slang is included as part of the Midnight
Commander distribution, compiling version 3.0 of the program should be
much easier than with previous versions.

> BTW, I was not aware that mc was a GNU product. I thought it was built by
> Miguel at the University of Mexico.

Version 3.0 is the first version officially released as part of the
GNU project (although I have the strange impression that the
announcement did never appear on gnu.announce, I wonder what

The Midnight Commander is actually maintained by 4 active programmers,
so you get your bug fixed quick.  We are currently fixing the reported
bugs for version 3.0 and plan to release 3.1 soon and move on to
finish our X versions of the program (a Tk version and an XView
version are half working).

Feel free to take a look at the latest version:



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