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Re: Installing debian from floppies.

Steve Preston: "Installing debian from floppies." (Oct 23, 14:44):
> 1) Would it be useful to many people to be able to install packages
> from DOS diskettes?  (I vote yes on this)

Me too (not because I need it, but because I know other people do).

> 2a) How hard would it be to make dpkg work with packages that have been
> split across multiple diskettes?

I've no idea, but this is better than breaking the packages in smaller
pieces.  If dpkg can work with split files, and there is a tool for
splitting large packages, then it is possible to split things into
any suitable size.  Predefined sizes will be wrong.  1.4 MB is bad for
people with 1.2 MB floppies, and 1.2 MB pieces waste space for people
with 1.4 MB floppies.

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