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Re: New base package...

On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, Bruce Perens wrote:

> > Is syslinux-1.20-0.deb going to do something for me? 
> It lets you create boot diskettes like the installation boot disk.
> I'm hoping that the next installation root disk will create that kind
> of boot diskette rather than the one it makes now, which doesn't understand
> the boot command line. The disks use MSDOS filesystems. They can display
> up to 10 pages of help and boot a Linux kernel from an MSDOS file.
> > Should I insall it?
> You probably won't need it, unless you are having booting problems or want
> to help develop the installation disks (and we could sure use some people
> willing to do _that_).

Well, I went ahead and installed it anyway :-)

I read the readme files. This package is way cool! The first thing that 
came to mind was: "Now I can test a new kernel or kernel driver without 
having to take the chance of bunging up my current system!" After which, 
about half a dozen uses jumped to mind. Among others, I can build a boot 
disk that will boot linux up on a dos machine and download stuff from my 
linux machine in a comfortable environment!

Thanks for the effort Bruce!



P.S. Of course now I have to actually do something with it :-)

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