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Re: post-release package update policy

Kai Henningsen writes ("Re: post-release package update policy"):
> One piece that's missing here is two-level debian package versions.
> Currently, we have goodstuff-1.7-5 which may go in the stable tree. The  
> maintainer goes on to create goodstuff-1.7-6 for the bleeding-edge tree.  
> Now suddenly we find a serious bug in -5! What version number do we use  
> for the bug fix?
> Consider instead that the current stable version would be
> goodstuff-1.7-5.3, and the bleeding one goodstuff-1.7-6.1. Now the fix  
> will obviously be goodstuff-1.7-5.4.

There's no problem with this.

> How could that work? It would need a rule that once a package goes into  
> "stable", it's debian-major has to be incremented.

What it needs, I think, is common sense on the part of the Debian
package maintainer ...


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