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calls to ld

I get the following error message when another program (sicstus prolog)
tries to use the debian release of ld:

 ld: cannot open linker script file 14a000: No such file or directory
 {WARNING: load_foreign_files/2: ld -r -A /usr/local/lib/sicstus2.1/Emulator/sp -T 14a000 -e _sp_main_1 -o /usr/tmp/spsymtaba00393 /usr/tmp/exta00393.o /usr/local/lib/sicstus2.1/library/random.o   -lc returned non-zero}
 {SYSTEM ERROR: unable to open /usr/tmp/spsymtaba00393}

This did not happen with the old slackware release I was using,
so I went back to my backup disks,
and found that replacing the debian ld with ld.1.91.4 fixed the problem.

What changed in ld to cause this error?

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