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Re: NFS install?

Dominik Kubla writes:
> The installation tool does not allow a NFS volume to be used unless it is
> mounted manually before dselect is executed: Either add access method NFS
> or soften the block device check.

This is on the wishlist for dselect.  Any volunteers for writing or
improving the existing dselect access methods would be appreciated.

In the meantime, use the technique Peter Tobias posted:
> After installing the basedisks you should configure your system
> (set hostname, nameserver, gateway). After that you can reboot the
> system, login as root (dselect should start), open a new shell on a
> new virtual console and type:
> mount nfsserver:/directory/with/debian/packages /mnt
> This command mounts the directory from the host with the name
> nfsserver (you can also use the ip address). Now you can install
> the rest of the system using the dselect menu (just select the
> "hd / mounted fs" access method).

Lauri Tischler writes ("Re: NFS install?"):
> Jep.. works like a charm, especially over Ethernet.  I also tried it 
> over 28.8k modemlink but it was slow as molasses.
> How come NFS is soooooo... much slower than FTP ??

Because it was designed by Sun, who didn't think anyone would ever
want to use it over anything but a nice fast big Ethernet.  They were
right - noone in their right might would want to use NFS over anything
else, but that's because of the way they based it on UDP.

There is now a TCP-based version of NFS, but it's not widely

> BTW Is it possible to install via FTP ??

Not yet.  This is on the wishlist too.


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