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Re: ppp: invocation by users? and pppd dies - reports SIGHUP - why?

On Fri, 20 Oct 1995, Philip Tuckey wrote:

> - made me very happy. My problem is that after a few minutes of
> "inactivity" on the IP link, pppd dies. (I don't understand IP well enough
> to claim the link is really inactive. What I mean is that I am not running
> ping, rlogin, ftp, ... Also, on one occasion I had an rlogin going but I
> wasn't doing anything on it.) /var/log/daemon.log shows a report from pppd
> that it is terminating because of SIGHUP. I personally didn't send pppd a
> SIGHUP. (As far as I know!)
I have the same problem with my provider! He claims it's not him, but I 
have tried two different manufacturers modems on two different machines 
as well as on two different phone lines (I thought for a while that call 
waiting was not being defeated properly with *70) None of these 
situations provided any better results. My conclusion is that my provider 
is hanging up on me, and it's not clear why. I most often happens to me 
when I am in the middle of a major download! If you come up with 
something that pppd is doing to encourage this behavior I would really 
like to hear about it, but since I get the same results from Trumpet 
Winsock I do not expect any such knowledge to be found.
Good luck with your provider.
YHS, Dale

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