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Re: lwared

> Then I fired up my old 386 as Netware 3.11 server.
> started the router daemons and lwared itself in LinuxBox.
> ...
> Then I tryed to ATTACH to LinWare with ATTACH LINUX/ROOT command
> and the dosemu froze totally  8(

I hope I understand this. You were running LinuxWare "native" on the Linux
host, and then tried to run a Novell client in the DOS box on the same
machine. If that's the case, you were running two "computers" with the same
IP address. Could that have confused things? I don't know how network packets
get redirected to the DOS box rather than native software on the same system,
but this deserves some consideration.

Should I make a mailing list for all of the people who are playing with
LinuxWare on Debian?



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