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Re: post-release package update policy

> Have two directory trees: 1) one for the current stable debian release (a
> snapshot), and 2) one for the latest versions of packages.
> Call (1) "debian" or "stable".  It is actually a re-bindable symlink to a
> versioned directory, like "debian-0.93R6" or "debian-0.93R6-stable"
> Call (2) "latest" or at most "debian-latest".  It has the current
> state-of-the-art versions of packages that are compatible with the "stable"
> version.  It includes a *complete* set of packages; those packages which have
> not been changed since the "stable" version, are just symlinks to the stable
> version.   ...

This is close to what I'd like to see.  The change I would make though
is to use hard links instead of symlinks.  The reason is that I
privately mirror the binary directories and using symlinks would mean
I would have to mirror both the snapshot and current hierarchies when
I really only want the current one.

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