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Is xntpd OK?

I installed xntp-3.4x-1 and was never able to get it to run.  I have a
reasonable (AFAIK) /etc/ntp.conf file, but the program seg faults just
after launch.  I can see this if I do an strace -f xntpd.

Does it work OK for others?

Here's the last bit of the strace:

sigaction(SIGPIPE, {SIG_IGN}, NULL)     = 0
brk(0x369d4)                            = 0x369d4
brk(0x37000)                            = 0x37000
brk(0x38000)                            = 0x38000
brk(0x39000)                            = 0x39000
adjtimex({mode=0, offset=0, frequency=0, maxerror=1846362112, esterror=1879048192, status=64, time_constant=0, precision=1, tolerance=-805306368, time={814259265, 296694}}) = 5
--- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) ---
+++ killed by SIGSEGV +++


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