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Re: post-release package update policy

>Some suggest that it would be best to leave debian-0.93 alone after
>the release, and that instead of moving new and updated packages into
>debian-0.93, we should put them in a different (but easily-accessible)
>tree, such as debian-updates-0.93.  The advantage of this approach is
>that it gives users access to both the "released" and completely up to
>date distributions.  The disadvantage is that users would have to make
>a decision as to which of them to install.

I, personally, like to be given choices. Being asked to make a decision is
not a disadvantage to me! If I were asked to make more decisions during
installation, and it made the installation more appropriate as a result, I
would consider that to be an advantage

>Others suggest that we should keep doing what we're doing now--that
>is, as packages are released, we should move them into debian-0.93.
>The advantage of this approach is that users are guaranteed to have
>all fixed and updated packages at the time they download the

This is true only for those who have the bandwidth to download everything in
one session! I have worked for 4 nights over the last few weeks and still
don't have all the essentials updated yet, not to mention all the frills!
Having a stable set of directories to work from would let me put together "a
specific" distribution whos pieces should all work together. The only reason
a user should need to upgrade would be if some portion of the distribution
did not work for it. (it = the gender neutral term for user)

>  The disadvantage is that a release of Debian GNU/Linux
>becomes a constantly moving and shifting target instead of something

Although not the only reason, this has been one of the contributing factors
to my thrashing about creating problems for myself instead of moving toward
a stable system. I don't have lots of time to put in at one time on this
project (I have a day job) so incrimental approaches to completion are the
only option for me

>  Alot of people complain that this is a major problem with
>how we make releases.

You can count me in this group!

Thanks, Dale

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