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Re: Total mystery (to me).

"DE" == David Engel <david@ods.com> writes:

  >> ----------------------- quote -----------------------------
  >> bedlam:[*bhogan*]~/temp $ ls
  >> bedlam:[*bhogan*]~/temp $ ls -a
  >> .   ..
  >> bedlam:[*bhogan*]~/temp $ ls -l
  >> total 0
  >> bedlam:[*bhogan*]~/temp $ ls -al
  >> total 2
  >> clnttcp_create: RPC: Program not registered
  >> drwxrwsr-x   2 bhogan   bhogan       1024 Oct 23 12:24 .
  >> drwxrwsr-x  13 bhogan   bhogan       1024 Oct 23  1995 ..
  >> -------------------- unquote -------------------------------

  DE> Just a guess, but do you have the special YP/NIS lines in your passwd
  DE> or group files?  If so, I believe you would probably get this message
  DE> if ypbind isn't running.

  DE> David
  DE> -- 

    Hi again. 
    I discovered that I had in my /etc directory two files, one named
`group' and on named `group~', the diff of which being

---------------------- quote -------------
# diff group group~
< --quiet::101:
--------------------- unquote ------------

  I have no idea who or what changed the original /etc/group (if that
is what happened) or what that would have had to do with `lpr', but I
changed it back and the problem went away AFAIK.

  It so happens that I installed cern-http and xntp last night, so if
either of those mess with /etc/groups, I guess that's the explanation.

  Thanks for the help.


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