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Well, I've done it to myself again... I installed the image package for the
1.2.13 R4 kernel, did the rdev setup on vmlinuz and copied the new one to my
dos partition (that's where I boot from with loadlinux). When I rebooted I
was told that I was trying to boot an unconfigured system, and that I should
configure it from the boot/root disks. I did that, but with what I think may
have been an outdated boot/root disk set, because when it came time to
configure modules I could not get any response other than <module name>
doesn't exist: try another.
Well, I was able to boot the system but it still isn't right.(No DUuuh) The
boot up messages indicate that the modules are being loaded as usual, but if
I try to use pppd I get told that PPP is not available on this machine!
If I get a new boot/root disk pair, do I have any hope of untangling this
mess by reconfiguring?
I have upgraded the kernel 3 times in the last month. Each time, installing
with dpkg and setting the root and swap devices with rdev has been all that
was necessary. What happened with this particular package?

All help is greatly appreciated, Dale

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