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Re: boot and root disk

On Thu, 19 Oct 1995, Jan Leonhard Camenisch wrote:
> yesterday I had to use the boot and root disks (installation disks)
> to fix a configurations problem. Ok. I used option 0 of the expert-mode 
> to get a shell. But I missed the 'ls' command there. Why isn't it available
> anymore? I'd appreciate to have it again....
You have the mount command, so assuming you are trying to fix an existing 
installation, you can mount your existing filesystem and use the commands 
on it.  You just need to set up your path.  If you use Debian's interface 
for mounting, the root directory of the mounted filesystem will show up 
under /root, so ls would be /root/bin/ls.  Perhaps there is also an ls 
command on the installation disks.  Does anyone know.

As a side note, I also had to use the installation disks to fix a 
problem.  When I installed X, the configuration asked me if I wanted to 
add xdm to the startup files.  So if figured I would risk it and give it 
a try.  Well I guess I chose the wrong kind of mouse, and when xdm 
started, the screen just started flickering, and the machine was 
unusable.  The boot disk that I made didn't help because it also ran xdm 
when I started the machine.  I guess I could have passed a command line 
option through lilo to change the init level say, to single user mode, 
but since I couldn't access the documentation on the system, I wasn't 
sure how to do this so I had to use the installation disks to fix it 
manually.  If I was a beginner, I would be up a creek.  Perhaps changing 
the init level would also help Jan.

Perhaps by default, lilo should have a short set of instructions that 
tell the user how to change the init level to fix such problems, instead 
of just the plain LILO: prompt by itself.  Something similar to the 
message given during boot of the installation disks.

Just a suggestion.


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