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Re: Mirror programs

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:

> There seems to have been a lot of inconclusive discussion here about
> mirror programs.
> If you know of a reasonable mirror program could you please post here,
> with the answers to the following questions ?  Thanks.
> * Where do I get it ?

> * Is it reliable ?
> * Does it require any special software ?  (Perl4, Perl5, Python.)
Prel4 or 5
> * Will it cope properly with files being deleted ?
No a problem
> * Will it cope properly with symbolic links ?
Sure thing as long as it is configured
> * Would it cope with the kind of changes that were recently made to
> ftp.debian.org ?

Don't care I run that one :) but it copes with major changes that 
netscape had done that were similar to our changes here.
> * Does it consume huge amounts of system resources ?
5 to 8 megs swap 4 - 8 real ram
> * Would you recommend it ?  Any other comments ?
Sure thing

Yeah you never asked for the name :)

mirror-2.8 written by lee M?c??????lin

Remember the problem people are having is the fact they they assume an 
archive will never change. The ability to cope with the problems are in 
the code NO ONE usually turns these switches on because they consume a 
little more resource. I asume that is where Lee caught himself on 
src.doc.ic.ac.uk he wrote the code but then doesn't use it. Oh well that 
is hind site.I didn't think about it before but Ian J. if src.doc is 
still wrong let me know. I can fix it on this end so that they don't 
remove the files :) I will create the sym link in reverse. That way they 
will find the files in both places and they will not get into an endless 


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