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RE: post-release package update policy

OK, I've been lurking here long enough...

> Why do you need a specific "release" at all?  

Because, when Debain looks stable I'll get a copy and try it.
 I'm not enough of a Fanatic that I have time to keep updating, I just want a signal (i.e. a release kit) that says 'here's a good version - usual disclaimers, shouldn't cause you any dramas'. Then in a few months there'll probably be enough improvements and fixes for me to move to the next release.

As background, I've run up Slackware on a couple of machines, I use some Unix at work  and I don't mind learning a bit along the way. BUT I want Linux to do a job- run an Amateur Packet radio program- TNOS. and so far I haven't felt it was time to jump. 

P.S. Of course I'll keep lurking a bit longer

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