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Re: smail confusion

> Ack, I have been at this an hour, and I have come to the conclusion
> that I am missing something -- probably something completely obvious.
> Ok, the situation is as follows.
> 	I have a new nameserver set up at
> 	This nameserver has an "MX" record for our domain
> 	This nameserver has "A" records for _all_ hosts
> 	Using the new nameserver:
> 	 I can nslookup any short hostname, fqdn, or MX record.
> 	 I can telnet to any host, using the short hostname or fqdn.
> 	 I can mail to any fqdn or MX alias.
> =======> I _can't_ *mail* to any short hostname except the localhost's
> 	  (it says "host unknown" when I do a "smail -bt" test)
> Can somebody help me figure out what it is trying to do?  Smail seems
> to be failing to figure out that it needs to tack on .simons-rock.edu
> to the name.  As I said above, I can nslookup short hostnames and fqdn
> just fine (e.g. plato and plato.simons-rock.edu).

I've had the same problem.  I sent mail to debian-user about a week ago, an
no one but Ian (Jackson?) gave me any response.  It wasn't too useful.  I've
been hacking away at this for a week now, and have no idea how to fix it

> My /etc/smail/routers:
> inet_addrs:
>         driver=gethostbyaddr, transport=smtp;
>         check_for_local, fail_if_error
> inet_hosts:
>         driver=bind, transport=smtp;
>         defer_no_connect, -local_mx_okay, defnames,
>         gateways=uu.net:uucp:+:cunyvm.cuny.edu:bitnet
Try deleting this file.  I've found that without /etc/smail/routers, smail
can correctly get the addresses of the hosts.  I don't know enough about
the grammar or options in this file to fix it.  The problem I've had with
deleting this file is that when trying to send mail to uucp hosts, my
system doesn't know what to do and won't deliver the message.  I have yet
to discover a way to use smarthosts and be able to resolve foo (it works
for the full name foo.sub-domain.domain).

I've been thinking of sending this in as a bug.  If anyone has any clues
about this problem, I'm sure we'd both be grateful.

				- John Larkin	
				- jlarkin@hmc.edu
		- <A HREF=http://aij.st.hmc.edu/~jlarkin>My home page.</A>

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