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Re: lwared

Hi Bruce Perens!

}I hope I understand this. You were running LinuxWare "native" on the Linux
}host, and then tried to run a Novell client in the DOS box on the same
}machine. If that's the case, you were running two "computers" with the same
}IP address. Could that have confused things? I don't know how network packets


One told me that you can run a Novell NetWare server in an OS/2 dos
box, and a client in another. He then was sad, because they couldn't
talk to each other. :(((

}get redirected to the DOS box rather than native software on the same system,
}but this deserves some consideration.

Hmm, Linux is great. And I think if someone needs this very special
behavour, it will be implemented. :)
}Should I make a mailing list for all of the people who are playing with
}LinuxWare on Debian?

Hmm, I think it will be more useful if there were a linware
mailinglist at all (I think there is one, I have to look at the
account at the university, maybe I'll post the address tomorrow) to
push the project.

I don't think that it makes that much sense, creating a linware
mailinglist only for Debians -- although I think that Debian might be
the best linux distribution. :)



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